Can You Ever Go Wrong With Mobile Ad Buying?

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Ads on Mobile

This is a question that a lot of marketers ask themselves, which really is not surprising considering that advertising on mobile platforms like ads for apps is a relatively new marketing channel.

However, the truth about marketing is that there are certain principles that hold through no matter what the marketing channel. And if you do not understand these principles, you will be at the losing end of the game. In other words , the only time that you can go wrong with mobile app marketing is when you do not understand how marketing works.

Ask anyone who has been making a lot of money for many years and you will hear the same thing over and over again: Advertising is a numbers game where you can increase your chances of winning by increasing your reach. As it stands today, even the best ad campaigns have a conversion rate of no more than ten percent. This means that for every 100 people you contact, only 10 will respond to your ad. In the case of mobile apps advertising, only ten people will download your app. And still,there are a fewer number of people who will take you up on your offers.

That said, as you go about looking for an apps advertising network, make sure that you find one with at least two billion profiles that you can reach out too.
Aside from being a numbers game, advertising is all about the message that you are sending. Create ads that incite an emotional response among your audience and you can never go wrong. Unfortunately for you, creating effective ads is easier said than done, especially if you do not have experience in copywriting.

Thankfully, though, ad copywriting is not something you need to do by your lonesome. There are mobile apps advertising companies out there that create ads for you. Some even go beyond creating ads, they experiment with different ad copies until there is one that stands out in terms of effectiveness.

If we just convinced you that mobile apps advertising and marketing is doable, congratulations, you are on your way to successfully marketing your service or product through apps. Now the only thing you need to do is gather your tools to get started. Set the budget and find an advertising network that has at least one billion people in their network (all users of existing apps in the network. When you find one, find an ad agency that specialises in creating mobile ads and tracking their performance. This should not be difficult to do as there are many mobile apps advertising companies that are vying for your business.

How much would it cost you, though? That really depends on the company you work with, however, you can expect to pay a few dollars every time someone downloads your app. We know of a company that is featured on Core Pedia that charges two dollars per download, but the price changes to cost-per-action and clients only pay when action is taken inside their app.



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