Finding The Best Miami Italian Restaurants

Finding The Best Miami Italian Restaurants

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Miami is known as one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers in the United States. Its art deco architecture has appeared in numerous Silver Screen productions as well as TV series. Its beaches are recognized as among the most impressive in the United States and its multicultural residents make the food scene one of the most vibrant in the U.S. Visiting Miami (or indeed as a resident) one is immediately struck by the choice of cuisines on offer, there are Chinese restaurants, Thai restaurants, Mexican eateries, restaurants that specialize in classic American dishes – and the list simply goes on and on. But if there is one type of cuisine that vies for the position on top of that Miami favorites list it must be Italian.

The success of Miami Italian restaurants is (at least mostly) to the Italian immigrants who settled in the area. However, this enormous choice of quality Italian dining destinations poses a challenge. Where to book a table?

Here are some great options.

1. Sapore di Mare Italian Seafood.

Miami restaurants have a well-deserved reputation for serving up some of the best seafood in America. Combine this with authentic Italian style cooking and you have a winning formula – and this dining establishment has done just that. Cozy family owned destination with a comforting, yet energetic ambiance. The menu boasts excellent variety – don’t neglect the pasta, but focus also on the seafood – as their name suggests it is what they well known for. Try the branzino carpaccio or the fried calamari.

2. Cibo Wine Bar.

If you want a truly authentic, rustic Italian dining experience then this is a venue that should be on your culinary exploration shortlist. Bold and beautiful this restaurant exudes charm. The menu items are hand-made traditional Italian cooking perfected – but still with that attention to using only the freshest ingredients and infusing each dish with care. The pasta is exceptional and freshness shines through. Start with the carpaccio with arugula, shavings of parmigiano, reggiano, extra-virgin olive oil,  and lemon juice and follow that up with the incredible lasagne with a traditional Bolognese sauce . Saturdays offer exceptional experience for brunch at affordable prices.

3. Fratelli Milano.

This downtown Miami venue is renowned for the quality of its dishes which have their inspiration in regions across Italy. Possibly, for this reason, the menu can intimidate due to the sheer numbers of items it contains. However – it’s all good – thanks to the efforts of the bothers (twin) team of Roberto and Emanuele Bearzi (who are also the owners of the venue). Those opting for a customer favorite – ‘carpaccio di manzo & fiocchi de pera will not be disappointed. The homemade pasta is filled with a mixture of diced pear and authentic taleggio cheese – and is simply a treat for the taste buds.

Miami is a fabulous place to visit (or to live) however those who ignore the opportunity to explore the possibilities Miami Italian restaurants will be dealing with their efforts at culinary exploration a grave setback.



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