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So, you have created the best mobile app ever but you still haven’t made any money from it. You don’t have many people using it and you want that to change. If that is your story, then your story is like thousands of other mobile app developers. They like you have developed an app that they think is very important, that they think will change the world, that they think will matter but unfortunately no one is using it and no one has heard about it. That is a very awful position to be in and one that you must change immediately.

If you actually want your mobile app to matter, if you want people to know what it is, if you actually want people to use it then it will take you learning or hiring someone to handle marketing for you. It is true, marketing is the lifeblood of each and every company. It doesn’t matter if your product is mobile apps or sprockets all businesses depend on marketing to make money. You’re in the unfortunate position where nobody knows who you are and what you have to offer. You must change that right now or your app would be a huge failure.

The best way to change this is by hiring a marketing company who can handle all the marketing for your mobile app. You probably do not have the skill to do this on your own because if you did your mobile app would be very popular right now and you would not be reading an article like this one. We don’t say this to shame you but instead to put you on the right path, the path to profitability, the path of popularity in the path of putting your mobile app in front of as many people as possible.

Some of you who are reading this probably are the do-it-yourself type and you want to learn how to handle all the marketing yourself. That is really good because learning how to market on your own is a very important skill to have. It means that from day one of creating your app you will have a clear goal in mind of how to put your app in front of as many people as possible. Most app developers do not have that skill. But realize it will take a while to develop the type of marketing skills that you need.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you market your app or if you hired someone to do it because the most important thing is that your app is properly marketed. That is truly the only thing that matters. Your take away from reading an article like this one should be that marketing is the number one priority that you should have. Have your app marketed by any means possible because it really is that important. Immediately get started on mobile app marketing be you taken the wheel and marketing your app or someone else.

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Mobile Application Marketing Strategies

Advertising For Mobile Apps

There are many different mobile application marketing strategies that you should consider using. Some of these marketing strategies are more widely used than others, but all of them will increase the exposure that your app gets. It is important to choose the marketing strategy before you start developing your app because you may need to build some parts of the marketing strategy into the app.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very underutilized marketing method when it comes to apps. Affiliate marketing is identical to online referral marketing as you pay an affiliate to market your app for you. When you join an affiliate marketing network you will be able to list your app and then each time it is downloaded you will pay the affiliate that generated the lead.

There are a number of ways that affiliates might market your brand and it is best that you consider how you want your app marketed. It is possible to place restrictions on marketing methods used by affiliates to ensure that they are in line with your marketing strategy. If an affiliate uses one of the marketing methods your do not allow then the payment you would make to them for the generated lead is voided.

Optimizing For The App Store

One of the most commonly used marketing methods for apps is to optimize for the app store. This is more than simply choosing a good title for your app as it also includes ratings and reviews as well as keywords. The title and description of your listings need to offer some insight into what the app does and need to have keywords that users will search for.

The ratings and reviews are very important because the more positive reviews you have the higher you are going to rank compared to your competitors. It is important that you naturally get ratings and reviews for your app or you could fall into the store spam filters. Research done by Apptentive has found that across the board, apps with high numbers of positive ratings will always be at the top of the rankings.

Loyalty Programs

App users are a little fickle as many of them will download an app and use it a few times before forgetting about it. A good way to keep users active and to create high profitable evangelists for your app is through a loyalty program. In the world of apps, loyalty programs generally take the form of reward systems and in-app achievements.

However, it is possible to blur the lines between app marketing and traditional marketing with your loyalty program. If you have an app that is linked to your business then you could have a reward system that works with online and offline purchases. Many large companies offer this where you can use the app to gain rewards that can be redeemed in a physical store.

There are a number of ways that you can market your mobile app and shows you more of what you should do. However, it is important that you think about your marketing strategies before you develop the app to ensure that everything is in line.

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App User Acquisition Help To Make Yours Popular

App User Acquisition
App User Acquisition

If you want an app to do well, you have to look into how to work with app user acquisition. The idea is to make your app attractive to a certain niche, and then to work at advertising it properly. To get to know more about this, you should continue on.

Marketing is a big part of getting people to use your app. To figure out who you should be marketing to, you should build a few profiles up that describe the ideal user that you think would be interested in the app you’re making. For instance, if you have a weight loss app you may want to advertise it to people that are young adults who don’t have time to go to the gym and need tips on how to work out at home in their off time. By knowing who it is you’re wanting to buy your app, you can create marketing materials that speak to them.

Have you thought about buying ad space online so you can share your ads with the right group of people? One good idea is to buy ad space on a social media website that lets you select who you think would be likely to click on them> You can also go around online and look for websites that have something to do with your app’s niche so you can ask the owner whether or not you can buy ad space and how much it would be if so.

Build a website that tells people what your app can do and what to expect when they use it. Even if you have it hosted somewhere like a store, you can still put a link on the store page to your website so people can check into it and see what it’s about before buying. Get screenshots of it in action, and consider making a video of someone using it while reviewing it. If you give someone a free copy, they can review it this way for you or can write you an article, which is cheaper than paying them for the most part.

Find apps that are similar to yours and then contact the owner of them to place ads into them. Sometimes you can pay a few bucks per day that your ad is active, and you can reach out to people that are already interested in applications like the one that you made. It’s important that you pick something to place ads on that doesn’t do what your app does. You want to have people interested in yours because it does something that they don’t have an app for yet that is useful to them.

App user acquisition is not difficult to do right if you are willing to try hard at it. All you have to do is work with what you learned here. When you can do that, you’ll be able to reach out to those that are likely to respond well to your app.

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